from Linsay

im going to my new school!im soo happy my best friend Cutie is coming!super-mario-galaxy-2007101510514140111

today was the worst day a kid put a worm in my sand witch 😦eevee_by_teteza0914


there was a cute guy in school!he looks soo hot!his name was drake






the gut trent was weird 😮 he putted a worm in my sandwich come on hello im blue!chimchar



well today was good in music class my friends tryed to make a song my song is too cool it took about 3 in a half minits to be done

its thanksgiving! yay no school im going to the beach to have a tan im soo happy i can swim now!beach101801

aaaaaaahhhhhh i cant beleve the pool has gravy in it eewwwwww!im leaveing ps:its is the even number in the worm throws up

back to schoolwhen i was in school i opened my locker there was in invatacon from drake his bday is coming up now this is better :3beach1018011

in the party there was a jumphouse even a ice cream maker and a water house this was sooo fun!but then trent was there he put hot coco on my head i cryed soo much 😦 !

i just started at P.E everyone made fun of me drake was not there because i broght a hat hello im a winter person!chimchar1

trent left are school!

he did he did something to my teacher it was scary and i met a new friend her name was izzy



the endeevee_by_teteza0915


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  1. yeah……… my real name isint linsay!

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