Awsome news!!!!!!

in agust i gat a game!its soo cool!!well i didint make the game its ty the website is cool i think next year it will be better heres tthe webs i love

and my friends……blobpurple forevernothing puppygal bluepuffey liss keatiepie and other


8 Responses to “Awsome news!!!!!!”

  1. clubjorga151 Says:

    What is this site about?

  2. clubjorga151 Says:

    Thanks for coming to mine!!!!

  3. clubjorga151 Says:

    my brother used to like pokeimon!
    this is so coool

    fluf:u spelled it rong its pokemon plus club penguin

  4. clubjorga151 Says:

    You spelled WRONG WRONG!!! get it? OK but you really did misspell wrong so you can say anything about my spelling. I see that you changed the format of your sit i like it better because it is not all black. I dont like pokemon that much but i do like it a litte. I Only like the characters though like my favorite one is Charmander. Wait is the dog in my icon cute? You better say yes because that is MY dog! It is a she. My website is based on her just so you know! And i know how you found out about my website! HA HA ok you found it ion lissa’s website she is my BFF i know you found the comment there becuase i saw your comment! i work for her website so you cant so anything bad about me because i read ALL THE COMMENTS! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! lol

  5. guys may 2009 im haveing a contest!its a runscape banner contest

  6. Forevernothing-Franie Says:

    Hey why is my blog name up there I do not know you nether does Reese!Who are you?!?!Reese tells me everything!

  7. no a differnt one

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