my favorite song is die motherfucker die this name of the band i Dope its one of my favorito song and band right now im watching it lol it was made in 2003 i think its a solder song or what but awsome song


5 Responses to “BEST SONG EVAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!”

  1. Your header is finally finished! And it MOVES! 🙂 Hope you like it. It’s in the Gallery on my website.

  2. oh im only 8 not 9 but thats!i love it!

  3. I say you should take it off, their are young children on This BLOG!

  4. you think she cares.she is a bad ass little 8 year old.see im allowed to cuss seeing im 11 and all.

  5. im a bad little girl because i see south park every wensday.I always do lol

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