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Guess what?

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i did this to my friend Ricardo (i kinda like him) i took off his shoe in lunch because 1 he throws a pop tart at me!nex it was at class i drew him and he looked like a hobo!LOL.Next was music.We were doing the bump bump.When we did it , he fell on the floor 5 times in a row!The something made me like !!!!!!! HE WAS ON MY SHOLDER!!! OH and great news he is ganna let me use hes ation replay for ds!I need it because of my friend carlos.We got into a big fight….This october.I kinda hate him now.He has a ation replay too.Oh and by the way..MY FRIENDS MIGHT COME THIS SATURDAY!They are very good friends!They like have a pool and their house looks like a sexy place!Anyway… That really happened o and say hello to this pokmon i battled in pokemon…
im ganna put it as my header today



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If i shut it down or not im haveing a party!Hope u come!

Theres a Virus in my computer!OH NO!

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1 get a new computer
2 shut down this wordpress
3 give this away
4 deleite my web
i dont want this to happen!

New site………

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I got a new site its all about of brawl hhope u come:

The Dark Mist ep 1 part 2 out of 2

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look what i got Alex!A gun.said maya happily.Well i got a sowrd.said alex. the others are at the spa. i know said alex.I just hope stupid kitty comes in and dances around.Man thats a dump cat.Said alex.
Meanwhile with Pendo
Man that was the stupidest tape i ever saw!It was sooooo barfy!pendo said wyning.O well it aint the same as fluf.Shes too little to be a leader.
Meanwhile with rey.I got a great plan!ill do war!said ray.You tried that a lot of times bro just put bombs on the floor.It will make it easyer.Kill the clan kill fluf then your the best clan saids julian in normal voice.
ah lets just attack with are army.Its pretty big.Well flufs is bigger.Pendo the same ammount!said rey. lets beguin the will be lots of fun!said rey.Okay whatever lets just start
Meanwhile with fluf……………………………
Man this caves soo dark!Wait its a mist!Darn and it stinks!Like cheese? Man it stinks.said fluf.Then in a step she saw the ice crystal.The rarest crystal ever!Man i have to keep it.Its the best crystal!then when she came home there was a time bomb!i got to get rid of it!then thunder shook her.ok…….dont touch.lets see…cut red!!!! Man this is hard!Wait……How stupid am i!Red then blue!said fluf
Meanwhile with rey
Told u it couldin’t work now my plan said ray.
they went to there battleships then there at the place.then maya saw ray then she ringed the bell.Rey on land!Hes ganna attack!!!Said maya soo loud. then the army got guns and stuff to battle.Maya go on spot A!Alex go on spot G!Kristen get on spot T!And girl spot E!Now army go war!Fluf said.Everybody had guns and the fire clan shooted as well as the ice clan.Everybody get a 2nd gun and shoot!said fluf.OMG!!!Said julian.We better run!said julian.Then they all ran away.Well then thats over we can just clillax and stuff.Said alex.Well im taking a bath.said kristen

To be coming

The dark mist ep 1 part 1 out of part 2

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Starting training
Wake up sleepy heads!Its your first day of training!Even you missed lunch!Said fluf loudly.WE MISSED LUNCH????!!!Maya, alex kristen said loudly.Hey wheres Girl anywayz?said fluf.idk but im pretty sure she went ice scating.She always goes there every morning.Alex said quite.
Mean while with Girl……Who says that this is boring!Its awseome well i hoe this time we dont get killed by raynaldo he killed my kitten!Man that was a fun thing hitting him with a stick!It made me wanna laugth sooooo hard i can tell hes crying in the lava island and saying curse you Girl!Girl says laugthing sooo hard that she could pee!Oh well lets start training said fluf.First learn how to keep still on a stick.said fluf.EASY PEASY!Said maya. she tried first then……Im doing it im….then she falls.Clear your mind maya then u can do it see…..when i was little that was the problem.said fluf.Ok.I will clear my mind…..Dont think of anything elsa….1 min later…..maya u did it! Said fluf soo loud.ok alex your turn!
Meanwhile with Raynaldo……………………………………………………
GRRRRRRRRRR i hate girl sooooo badly i could rip her head off!!!said ray. Dont get mad at her shes just a little tiny girl!Julian said. Your kinda right……..Simsons movie is funny!Really?said julian! lets watch! said julian.Your soooooo stupid i hate is for only 2 year olds!Lets see scary car.its scary.said rey.Ok.said julian.Then they watch scary car in there laptop AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!They both sid very loudly.
Meanwhile with fluf……………………………Well this lake ain’t a bad lake. said fluf.Then a ice animal came…….poor little thing…..You are hurt….Lets take u to my ice tower. said fluf poorly…..there u can feel all better in 2 weeks. said fluf.Then the ice animal licked her.How cute!she said.
Meanwhile with pendo……
GRRRRRRRRR no more fighting stuid mom she doesin’t know what shes up to.Im pretty sure shes kissing a pigs but or somthing aint that right Tensie?said pendo.Ya whatever lets just see the tape
Ok back to training.said fluf.Whats next?Wepons?said kristen.Not really thats only when u finish the training said fluf.ok guys for your work ill give u money to buy stuff like…..wepous or whatever.said fluf.Yay!said alex

sorry its kinda short

This Jan i start a club!

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Thats right u heard me!Im starting a club!well….it ganna have episods and u can enter!look at mine!
im in the ice clan leader of it!im ganna make it soon!