people im having a contest!!!my very first!Well this web is going slow……very slow its at the puffle page but dont write it on the puffle page!heres the contest its a make your puffle contest first use a color heres rules
1 do it on paint
2 do not copy
3 no mean comments or all your comments will be deleated.if u were a leader u will lose a comment.Heres prizes

1st will be a leader and meet me in club penguin or runescape
2nd will meet me in club penguin
3rd be on blobpurple

it doesin’t end untill somone wins.Darn my textingf is annoying my text bored ”Sucks”


5 Responses to “CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1”

  1. Bush is a Nazi

  2. icedeburd Says:

    sorry fluf, I have an extremely bad memory…but I visited you site, just like you wanted 😆 but I was a day late, sorry!!!

  3. its ok that happens

  4. vids r funny , 3rd one won’t play , would enter contest , but you said on paint i got tux paint and meeting you on runescape or CP isn’t really a goal of mine.srry

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