Worst day ever!!!!REALLY!!!!!!

heres y
My PE teacher said to do laps grrrrrrr i hate that!
My teacher was soo mean!
My spanich teacher was boring today
I got yogurt on my shirt and lunchbox!
I got a F in a paper!
Anel didin”t get out of are class!
A ugly guy has a crush on me!It made me wanna hurl!
I got to be a dog!(I like cats)

I’m just sooooo mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡 😡 😡 😡


2 Responses to “Worst day ever!!!!REALLY!!!!!!”

  1. pitterpotter Says:

    I have had a bad day too. I guess it was just a bad bad day today. Well, it happens.

  2. you have spanish and you’re like 8. we don’t get spanish until 8th grade.

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