Guess what?

i did this to my friend Ricardo (i kinda like him) i took off his shoe in lunch because 1 he throws a pop tart at me!nex it was at class i drew him and he looked like a hobo!LOL.Next was music.We were doing the bump bump.When we did it , he fell on the floor 5 times in a row!The something made me like !!!!!!! HE WAS ON MY SHOLDER!!! OH and great news he is ganna let me use hes ation replay for ds!I need it because of my friend carlos.We got into a big fight….This october.I kinda hate him now.He has a ation replay too.Oh and by the way..MY FRIENDS MIGHT COME THIS SATURDAY!They are very good friends!They like have a pool and their house looks like a sexy place!Anyway… That really happened o and say hello to this pokmon i battled in pokemon…
im ganna put it as my header today


One Response to “Guess what?”

  1. It would be awesome if you joined my club penguin army the CPRA you would make a great edition if your intrested click here anyone can join it would also be awesome if you got other people to join to!

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