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Hi peoples Pie rocks



1,000 hit OMG!!!!!

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I can’t beleive it! i got 1,000 hits!

New Auther

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Hi everyone im Snow or Kara i mostly like Snow or Kara lol im good friends with the Owner of this amazing blog i have a blog to its some people describe me as




I’m a new admin =D

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Heyy guys!

I’m a new admin here! Okay…most of you people probably already know me as Icedeburd or Chloe. Well, my sites and thank you sooo much Fluf for adding me! I play Club Penguin, and I try to get on as much as possible, which is normally about once a day – I also try to update my blog as much as possible, as well as other blogs I’m an admin on.


May the cheeese be with you

Ok now this is fluf1423 chloe is a good friend and to make it up to her i will try to make a party


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This is a simple contest you just have to tell me what does this picture say. I know most of you know about this.heres the pic: lollol1
heres the deal ill give you a hint.Its is funny videos in my site.Heres what u need to do
leave a comment and tell us what u think it says:
and prizes
1st place will be a leader in this site, i will make them a trophy and a sticker.
2nd will get a trophy
3rd will get a sticker

oh and whoever gets the right aweser will be in a clostest number thing

New computer!

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got a new computer!u heard me.It was only $100 . Plus my screen doesin’t turn out blury and black. Sorry i havin’t postd in awhile..And sorry i didin’t have time to do episode 2 i just working on it.Don’t get me n a rush or i will never make it! There’s something on my computer tha says TRO 03 DISPLAYS.I wonder what it means.Great news! i need one more player in brawl! I can’t find him!Its from star fox. t ai’nt te bird.Its wolf.