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I Quit Blogging But we can still talk.

Posted in Uncategorized on 28/07/2009 by fluf1423

guys im ganna quit doing this… im quit just for art. i know it sounds stupid ,but hey i got dreams too! im not ganna post anymore so this is good bye. WAIT!!! im ganna give u some thing u will be able to take to me. Like ya know… games of stuff to still talk here we go!
Webkinz Username:Glaceon10 Pets: 5 ( but now 3 T-T) zone mostley on: light blue.
MoshiMonsters: username:ikeownsyou
club penguin username:Solecito 101 sever mostley on:Sabertooth( its always empty :3) place to hang:town
ty beanie babies: username:CuteKitty2223 chat place always on: Bubblegum.

So i give a big thanks to all these people:
now cp people
icedbured, tigtm(friend on utube)kara,lissa,mega ice man, Goobery(i miss her alot)allheart23,Bored4fun1, Mrmohawk,Hydros1,Ryano 321,Girl34561(even though girl deleted me)sparkycloud,Penelopedog,Riverchase1 (another friend)RedfairyDust
Hope u guys had a good long time with me! and sorry if i forgot your name….So if u wanna be my friend try to be quike! So goodbye my fellow friends
And make sure if u play these games!
ps: i will cheak my site in a little but i wont post.