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OMG…hi guys!

Posted in Uncategorized on 03/03/2009 by ♥Chloë♥

Heyy guys!

I just visited this site and I was amazed by the new theme of it – like, its about cats now, not pokemon – and I actually understand everything that you guys are talking about !! Lolz, sorry I never really understoof pokemon so yeah, but this is like so kool – I love cats so this site seems waaay kool now! I’ll try to post here a bit more and OMG Fluf, congratz on 1,000 hits!!! WHOOOZA! I love this site – its kewl 😀

Alsoo guyz…I hurt my face today 🙂 I felll over on to some harddd ground and peoplez were staring at me and I’m like “what are you guyz starin at? I just fell over…and I’m lying on the ground, no big deal!” and then…peoplez are laughing at me insanely, what horrible peoplez! ANYWAYZ, away from that nonsence…I should go 😀


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I’m a new admin =D

Posted in Uncategorized on 23/02/2009 by ♥Chloë♥

Heyy guys!

I’m a new admin here! Okay…most of you people probably already know me as Icedeburd or Chloe. Well, my sites and thank you sooo much Fluf for adding me! I play Club Penguin, and I try to get on as much as possible, which is normally about once a day – I also try to update my blog as much as possible, as well as other blogs I’m an admin on.


May the cheeese be with you

Ok now this is fluf1423 chloe is a good friend and to make it up to her i will try to make a party