Fav Band

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Last time dope was my favorite band…But now…..GREEN DAY ISSS!!! I looooveeee there music.There awesome singer!!! If u dont know them…..SEE THE VIDEOS.Plus i have a lyrics of there songs and the notes for bass. I do not have a bass!Ok here are my fav songs from them
Boulevard of Broken Dreams

When i come around


My Site Is a Kitty WonderLand

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The reason y im not makeing the dark mist iss that its cancelled. Im going to show u my cat pictures.
my header
hope u like it!

OMG…hi guys!

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Heyy guys!

I just visited this site and I was amazed by the new theme of it – like, its about cats now, not pokemon – and I actually understand everything that you guys are talking about !! Lolz, sorry I never really understoof pokemon so yeah, but this is like so kool – I love cats so this site seems waaay kool now! I’ll try to post here a bit more and OMG Fluf, congratz on 1,000 hits!!! WHOOOZA! I love this site – its kewl 😀

Alsoo guyz…I hurt my face today 🙂 I felll over on to some harddd ground and peoplez were staring at me and I’m like “what are you guyz starin at? I just fell over…and I’m lying on the ground, no big deal!” and then…peoplez are laughing at me insanely, what horrible peoplez! ANYWAYZ, away from that nonsence…I should go 😀


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Hi guys im Posting cause i never really posted so please dont Fire me and I love dogs and Cows my parents  call me Super cow :000: and i love Dogs here are pictures of  some Cute Dogs


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Hi peoples Pie rocks


1,000 hit OMG!!!!!

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I can’t beleive it! i got 1,000 hits!

New Auther

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Hi everyone im Snow or Kara i mostly like Snow or Kara lol im good friends with the Owner of this amazing blog i have a blog to its http://kara234.wordpress.com some people describe me as