dont tell me your first name

dont swear or beg

keep personal imfo

dont copy anything

dont tell me house number or house address

dont be mean


and u need to be 8+


2 Responses to “Rules”

  1. ALSO you know how you put me on yor blogroll (thanks ill put u on mine) you spelled my site wrong its: (i kno weard but it just came with the www and no dot) do you have diamond or pearl caz we could connect some time
    fluf:yes i have a pokemon game its diomdond and my fav eevee is glaceon and umbreon

  2. can i battle u in pokemon diomong or pearl?
    my pokemons are good i got mew mewtwo
    eevee glaceon oh my mew is lev 100
    maybe in christmas 2008 we can i want to add u as my friend

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